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02-21-2012, 01:01 AM
I truely do feel for all the players that didn't life up back on day 1 of the game.
I got my 2 years of game play paid and done with, and now I'm an enternal gold +.

But now I see the Cash Store, and all the of the RL money that has to be spent by Silvers just to get 'more fluff' (which some is good, understandably), and heck even us lifers still have the option to purchase things as well, since we're not getting anything for free save 400 points a months.

Honestly, if I wasn't a lifer, I's consider having downgraded to Silver. Although you lose out on the 'Veteren reward' status that accures with 'gold' (or lifetime). Mind you half of the gold items are 'for sale' now. So maybe it doesn't matter.

I think in the end, we can all agree this game is 'Cash Trek, the next degeneration,' at the moment. Seems like they want you to pay 15.00+ a month even without a sub (as they need money to kjeep the game going). But I still have yet to see a 'Star Trek', in the online part of this game. Maybe I can sum up how one might sub based on what they are looking for in the game?
If you're wanting Quality (which is average or sub-par sometimes in this, game) = go Silver. If you just want more stuff, or Quantity = go Gold.

My 2 dilithium *moan*