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02-21-2012, 02:34 AM
You might want to go woth dual cannon instead of dual heavy cannon.

The DHC has a higher burst damage but DPS is exatly the same if the Dual Cannon and DHC have the save attributes. The Advantage of the Duals over the Dual heavys is more "Packets" of damage, each of which can possibly crit. More crits=more over all damage.

My own Vor'cha refit uses 4 dual cannon forward and 4 turrets aft... I pack three different armorss, and a single RCS console for the engineering slots. Universsal assilimtaed module and a shield strentgth SCI console, and 3 anto proton mag regulators consoles and a point defence turret in the TAC console slots. My BOFF setup differs only slightly from yours. If I had a LtC TAC I'd give em attack pattern Omega in a heart best.

I run this build like a very big, very tough escort. with a poor turn rate...