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# 1 Battle of Proxima
02-21-2012, 01:54 AM
From the Description:
Set in March 2383 to December of 2385, the Federation is experienceing a Civil War between the Federalists based out of Ocampus Prime in the Delta Quadrent, and the Unionists who follow Admiral Alynna Nechayev who currently control the Sol System.

This mission is one of the opening fights of that terrible conflict. It assumes they player has sided with the Federalists, but doesn't really have much effect on the mission beyond who wins the battle.

Please note that this is still in progress.


This is the first of several missions I am creating for a Federation Civil War campaign. The order of their publishing is not the chronological order of the missions.

While I still view this mission as a work in progress(the engineer in me who is never completely satified), I feel it is at a point where I am comfortable with the STO community at large playing and enjoying the mission. Below are the list of issues I hope can eventually be worked out.

Using Terran Empire ships to stand in for Federation ships since Feds can't kill Feds (yet).

The ships attacking the Saber Wing do not actually attack those damaged ships.

The Prototype Dreadnaught has the stats of a Typhoon Battleship but the skin of the Terran Jupiter Dreadnaught. I would like to eventually change this such that the ship really is a Jupiter Dreadnaught.

The runabout are often destoryed when the dreadnaught explodes. I would like to see these NPC ships made immortal so they do not get destroyed at the end of the mission.

The support fleet that appears right before the Dreadnaught does just sits there. I would like to see these ships move around and fight the dreadnaught in a cilmactic fleet battle with the Jupiter Dreadnaught, with stats and skill sets typical of those particulat ships.

Please share your inputs on this mission, and give some suggestions to potential improvements.