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02-21-2012, 03:30 AM
Okay fair enough they don't need to changing except that why do they follow the target like they are torpedoes? aren't they supposed to fly in a straight line since they are pure energy?

Yes and no, I have had my shields go down really fast when using the best sets and mixd from which everyone else is usng plus the boff layout is fine but I don manage to keep the shields up all the time for a while then all of a sudden same guy/girl starts shooting and all of a sudden shields go down so easy in half a second and so does the hull strenght, is there a bug? I have used all sorts of armor and same reasult. Inmy sovy I find its well balanced dps/tank ship, I build my ships to what they lack, not have etc instead of improveing what it allready has which i have tried and find that the end result was worse.