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02-21-2012, 05:53 AM
Running a Fed cruiser, I eventually settled on a rear-facing build. I'm not saying this is all well and perfect, but it is interesting.

Most NPCs seem to need to be directly behind you and out of your broadside and not just the small ships that go boom in a few hits.

I also noted that many PVPers will set up directly to your aft and pound away. I scared the poop out of a Klingon escort last night when he caught me off guard, killed me (I was PvEing a couple Borg spheres) and then tried the same rear-hit attack when I was watching for him. He killed me but limped off at 25% hull. He avoided me after that.

Front: 3 phaser turrets - 1 photon torp.
Aft: 3 phaser arrays - 1 photon torp.

I make use of Torp scatter for the "punch" shot.

This allows me to do nearly all of my damage where most of my opponents seem to have to park themselves. No, it isn't perfect and I'm considering going the standard broadside beam arrays front and back and just dealing with the mediocrity.

Problems with my build and I suspect an all-turret build are these:

1) lack of punch to the front. I do very little on approach unless I'm flying reverse.
2) drains alot of power, quickly, leaving you swatting feathers at your opponents.

A broadside build for cruiser still can drain your power but at least your full usage would gain more "punch" than the weak DPS of turrets.

I think about the only good place for turrets is aft placement on escorts or aft on Klingon cruisers.