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02-21-2012, 05:57 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
1[*]Added duty officer assignments using data samples as inputs.

2[*]Updated Devidians Captains to make them a little less beefy.

3[*]Updated the wording of a loading screen tip relating to Auxiliary Power which referenced deprecated information.

4[*]Jem'Hadar Weapons are no longer Unique, but you may only equip one on your captain at a time.
  • This restriction does not apply to your Away Team.

5[*]Space tray modes 3 and 4 have been swapped.
  • Mode 3 is now three rows with weapon tray and bridge officer tray.
  • Mode 4 is now the three row tray with the weapon tray hidden and the bridge officer tray hidden.

6[*]Default keybinds have been updated to default bind numpad 9 and numpad 0 to the 9 and 10 slots.

1 Say horray for the relief on bankink slots/space!

2 I concur that they werent that hard and just difficult - but this being said by an old player who could equip his crew with marks and such.

3 About time! ;o)

4 One of the fastest community-wish-based changes outside of the doff area! *g*

5 Now ... why? *curious*

6 Will it affect current setups? Just to not wake the dragon ...