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# 7 Turret Boat Build
02-21-2012, 06:57 AM
use to be many of us that run this build a while back.

Right now its kind of back in style due to some game mechanic changes.

Its a faily simple build. For a ship that is somewhat maneuverable, like a excel you set the ship up with the following

3 - Single Cannon, 1 - Torp
3 - Turrets, 1 - Torp (some ran 4 turrets but I dont recommend this as it will keep your front cannons on cool down too long in the cycle rate)

Now, for the Oddessy/Bortas now we are dealing with 2 different beasts i would recommend the following setups.

2 - turrets, 1 - DBA, 1 - Torp
3 - BA, 1- Torp

The DBA give syou some bite in front along with the torp, and for those rear shots, and broadsiding, the 2 turrets make up for the missing BA. In the rear, would be a bad place to be as all the main firepower is directed there.

3 - turrets, 1 - Torp
3 - turrets, either 1 - Torp or 1 - Mine (as your taste dictates)

Now I do not have BA at all on this rascal, simple due to the 4 tac slots you can make great use of.

Understand the diff in a Cannon/Turret build VS a Beam Array build. Beams will outdamage most cannon turrets builds at range of 5-6K or greater. This is due to the major loss of power from the cannon/turret at that range. While both vessels will gain as you close on your target, the turret build begins to shine from 5K inward, as no matter how you are attacked, the target has to contend with the full firepower of all the weapons from a turret build. With a Beam build, the attacker can limit their exposure some by staying out of broadside.

Remember CRF (Cannon Rapid Fire) and CSV (Cannon Scatter Volley) are your friends with a turret build. Turrets are considered cannons and the proper console and skill affect them as the main/dual/ dual heavy are affected.