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02-21-2012, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by MundaneRaptor View Post
Exactly! which is something that the community could add with interior tools! Then the cryptic set teams can use all of that data for populating other sets and renovating ship interiors/starbases etc. Thereby progressing the cycle of development forward more quickly.
Want an LCARS library system? UGC!
Want Alert Statuses on the ship and Panicking Crew? UGC!
Want a working holodeck/training area? UGC!
Want new areas? UGC!
Emergency Forcefields? UGC!
Better Starship Interior Designs? UGC!
Better Missions? UGC!
More Dynamic Exploration? UGC!
Want random events mapped that could happen when you go shipboard like assignments, repairs, and boarding actions? UGC baby!
Want working replicators on your mess hall that give you food items off a menu? Maybe Not UGC but an easy do...

With all this data being leveraged the dev team can pick what it wants to grab and implement it to the main game from the foundry/interior toolset.

Meanwhile the art team can move towards actually creating the assets and set pieces for us to build with, test, and polish... then they use our builds in whatever they need at their discretion... then boom! it all cycles back to us as content and them as saved hours building sets for their missions and assets. They can take our prefabs, arrange them, and polish them for creating more content for us.
Fun to note that you forget about the implementation task of such things in to the main game... it is called programming
And then adding player created content to a paying game could be a lawyer headache