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Well that may be.. probably it is... a Fanboys dream... but I'll suggest it anyway.

Just watched Stoked episode 110, and well... there was a lot of talk about the C-Store Odysee... wich honestly sounds like fun. But I won't buy it because... it is, simply, in my opinion, ugly as hell. I dont fly ships I can't stand visually.

On the other hand there was some talk about the Souvereign, and it was said that at some point there MAY come a +1 version.
Well, for once I find it sad that they now openly admit that the old t5s fall behind
I still fly some of them simply because I like how they look. I wouldnt want another t5 bird of prey then the Hegh'ta, if anything, i'd want the old version of it back, and also, back to topic, I still fly the Souvereign. And I know I'm not alone on that.

Sooo... at least for the souvereign that problem could be solved by just adding it.. somehow... as an alt-skin on the odysee.
I know there are issues, the odysee IS bigger and the parts do not fit with each other, at but for me, it woundnt need to be modular.

At least THEN I'd but that thing...