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02-21-2012, 11:00 AM
KA ground elite is the easiest of the 3.... If you don't know how to extend, please follow the group shooting the nodes.

Please for the love of whatever you find holy... do not enter the room and randomly activate shields

The main issue with PUG runs is people either don't or can't communicate... Granted I've been on some amazing pug runs...

If you know KA and don't know the room... learn how the room works.... the extend shields button is the borg'd pole near where they beam in.... mind you that you can only use the extend comment when the node is at 50% (Had a team rage on me because they didn't understand this part)

Outside... ignore the Borg that beam in and target the nodes in order of B3, A3, B2, A2, B1, A1, then to the top and activate that diamond shaped borg item.

My suggested kits for nodes.

Tacts: Fireteam or Squad Leader.... Fireteam for the damage you can inflict on the node, Squad for overwatch to keep your teammates standing.

Sci: Medic, Plz focus on healing the runners, Tacts and Engineers (with bombs) can inflict way more damage on the nodes. Play to your strength... help make sure they get to the nodes.

Eng: Enemy Neutralization.... bombs can do a lot of damage to the nodes.... Demolitions is an ensign skill.. you can afford some points into this kit.

I've only really run the room with my Engineer and prefer the Fabrication Specialist kit for the distraction and DPS from pets. I don't play my Science or Tact toons very much