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02-21-2012, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by CptBANG View Post
go to Wolf 359 and take a look around, i think the picture is from there
More likely, it's from the tutorial; that's where most people would have likely seen the actual wreck (since it's pretty prominent from what I remember).

I know it's supposed to be an easter egg sort of thing, but I've always felt that Cryptic should make something that vaguely resembles it, just to provide an excuse for that wreck being there (that doesn't require getting permission to use the JJ-prise).

I mean, as it stands, it's accept that that is an alternate universe ship, or try to claim that it's a TOS connie that's had its pylons and nacelles completely warped into new shapes by battle damage. One of those rationalizations isn't allowed, and the other is stupid.