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02-21-2012, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by kellar21
Hello to everyone,
I recently reached the rank of Vice Admiral and finally could use the odyssey,however i feel that I could be doing better,with the right build,so here is my current build.

I think that I could switch the betwen DPS and tank by switching the officer on the universal console as I have an Engineer with:


A few notes on my ship:
Aegis Set,5x Anti-Proton Beams(Mk X),1x Anti-Proton Dual Beam Bank(X),2xQuantum(1 Fore,1 Aft)(MkXI and X)
2xAntiproton Mag-Rgulator(X),
RCS Accelerator(Mk XI),EPS Flow Regulator(MkX),Plasma Distribution Manifold(MkX),Antimatter Spread
2xShield Emitters(X e XI),Field Generator(XI).

So any suggestions to change my build,BOFF,consoles,Skills so it could be more effective,I also would like something that could counter the borgs Tractor Beam(Polarize the hull at the moment) and the shield neutralizer(I know hazard team do this) beyond those skills i have cited.

PS:A doubt,the Reactive Shielding on the aegis,how much is that resistance? The usual 20%?

Thanks in Advance.
I'll be honest.

The Odyssey is not a ship well suited to a tactical officer. It's simply too slow to be able to bring weapons to bare, making the dual beam bank option (as favoured on the Sovereign) far less effective. As with other slow turning cruisers like the Galaxy Retrofit and Star Cruiser, the bulk of your firepower lies primarily on your broadsides, making beam arrays the optimal choice. Unfortunately, being a tactical officer, you do not have the energy management skill of an engineer so the preferred choice of eight beam arrays (no torpedoes) is not really viable. This is the second reason the ship is ill-suited to your class.

Thirdly, I don't know what you've done with your bridge officer setup, but I would strongly advise against putting a tactical officer in to that Lieutenant Commander universal station, as you will lose far too much of the ship's (formidable) tanking ability to sustain yourself against even an average Escort build.

Also note that you cannot change out bridge officers in the midst of combat, so the notion that you could 'switch out' between DPS and Tank roles is largely academic, as any average build can steamroll non-STF PVE, and you will lack the flexibility to do much more than nip at heels in PVP. In Elite STFs... well, again, I'll be honest - You need an escort. You do your team no favours by flying this ship in its present form.

If you absolutely must fly this ship, accept that your palette of tactical options will be considerably more limited than what you would get in a Sovereign or Excelsior, and rely on your captain's own abilities (Fire on My Mark, Attack Pattern Alpha, Tactical Fleet and Go Down Fighting) to carry the battle, as your ship doesn't have the tactical depth to make it a viable alternative to the assault cruiser withou sacrificing significant staying power.

(If you think you can do without that Engineering/Science position, further consider that you are hampered by the fact that the Odyssey is slower than a three-toed-sloth on a rainy Sunday, so you can't exactly escape when things start to get hot. More likely, you'll be grabbed by a gravity well or tractor beam and punished accordingly.)

I'd suggest waiting until March when the C-Store version is released. By all means fly her now to get a feel for how it handles, but expect your build to change. The screenshots 'leaked' by CaptainGeko suggest strongly that the ship will see its Ensign Science station return to a Universal option, which combined with saucer separation may return some tactical viability to the ship. Until that time, she is almost exclusively best used by engineers.

A note on your equipment...

I notice you are using an RCS Accelerator console. Frankly, you are better off dropping it, as the bonus if confers to your turning stats is based on percentage rather than whole degrees. Thus, 35% of 5.5 degrees per second works out to be barely 1.9 degrees - meaning you haven't even matched the Sovereign on base turns. Learn to fly the ship without it, and consider an alternative that improves your shields or hull.

Conspicuously asbent is the Assimilated Borg Console. I wouldn't leave spacedock without that one, either.

On the Aegis set bonus... You should realise that the resistance bonus (5%, stackable several times) only applies to the hull, not your shields, which makes it a dangerous proc to rely on. The state of spike damage in this game right now is such that if you have lost your shields, there is very little you can do to save your ship this side of the Engineer class. You will explode faster than you thought possible. (A single critical hit might be all it takes....)

For this reason, I'd recommend playing a few STFs to get yourself the Borg Deflector and Borg Engine. Your turn rate will be better for it, and the hull and shield heal is far more valuable than the bonuses offered by the Aegis set. By all means, if you like the capacity of Covariant shields, then continue to use the Aegis shield until you can work up enough STF runs to get yourself the MACO MkXI or XII. You will not be disappointed.



Originally Posted by kellar21
Did I do something wrong with the formating,no opinions yet.
...And not at all. It just sometimes takes people time to reply.