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02-21-2012, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by Leorik
I am having an Issue with my g15. I bought it second hand so i had to download the drivers online and i had no manual touse the keyboard properly(if there was even one). My issue is that when i select a key, one of the g1-g18 keys, and have the bind to say activate my ctrl+1 for example it activates that as well as what ever is listed at the #1 spot on my main action bar. How would i get it to not do that??
that is a common problem withthe g15 and STO(and champions also) my work a round was to go into the keybinds of the game remove the num 1 through num 0 from the second keybind set for the first skill row set.
I then set the second keybind set for the other two skill row to use alt+num 1 - alt+num 0 and crtl + num 1 - ctrl +num 0

I then set up my g keys to use the key strokes alt+num0 etc. that work when I use the g15 keys it no longers actives what is under the 1-0 spot.