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02-21-2012, 03:07 PM
Thanks for the reply Koppenflak,I began noting that,I was cosiderably more effective in combat with the Sovereign(1 tac console and the tac boff station),guess i was so excited to flying an odyssey I overlooked that.Maybe it was because the PvE enemies can barely scratch the 13,800 shields.

I notice you are using an RCS Accelerator console. Frankly, you are better off dropping it, as the bonus if confers to your turning stats is based on percentage rather than whole degrees. Thus, 35% of 5.5 degrees per second works out to be barely 1.9 degrees - meaning you haven't even matched the Sovereign on base turns. Learn to fly the ship without it, and consider an alternative that improves your shields or hull.

Conspicuously asbent is the Assimilated Borg Console. I wouldn't leave spacedock without that one, either
Thanks for that advise I was already sonsidering swapping it for an Armor console,and I alrerady got the Assimilation console,hadn't done that mission yet(very good console btw).

Thirdly, I don't know what you've done with your bridge officer setup, but I would strongly advise against putting a tactical officer in to that Lieutenant Commander universal station, as you will lose far too much of the ship's (formidable) tanking ability to sustain yourself against even an average Escort build.
OK i will keep the Eng then,any suggestions to the abilities iI should use then.

Now an important one should I go back to the Sovereign,get the Excelsior or swap to an Escort(Which I am heavily considering,if so,will I have to respec or that build is good enough.
As for the Aegis set
Didn't know about that it really gave the impression the shields became more effective with that.

Thanks for the reply it was very clarifying.