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02-21-2012, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by GT01 View Post
I'm a little surprised that the devs are having trouble placing the Ambassador with appropriate abilities. I mean, the suggestions of making it faster but with less hull, are a good start. Maybe reinforce it's tactical capabilities somewhat? The Venture class that is available at that level has enhanced science capabilities, while the regular Galaxy class has a good spread of Engineering slots.
I think the trouble is a lot of players want to fly it at endgame and the Ambassador is, at best, a T4 ship. The Excelsior, I believe, gets away with it because it was the workhorse of the Federation for many years and was one of those things where the design is proven regardless of the situation (similar to how the AK-47 is still considered the standard for reliability despite it being half a century old). The Ambassador feels like a test platform that was never meant for large scale deployment and was more for testing new stuff.