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02-21-2012, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by kellar21
Now an important one should I go back to the Sovereign,get the Excelsior or swap to an Escort(Which I am heavily considering,if so,will I have to respec or that build is good enough.
As for the Aegis set
Didn't know about that it really gave the impression the shields became more effective with that.

Thanks for the reply it was very clarifying.
There is a couple of resistances associated with the Aegis shield. One affects the shield, and one is a two-piece defensive bonus.

They are described here:

So yes, the stacking resistance only has an effect on your hull. It does very little to protect your shields. Ultimately, the best thing about the Aegis shield is that it is 'levelless' so you may equip it the moment you hit Rear Admiral and keep it all the way until VA without really incurring any kind of penalty. Even discounting the set bonuses, it's still a respectable choice for cruisers purely due to its high capacity. My Engineer still uses it, and will continue to do so until I can be bothered grinding out the STFs to get the MACO shield.

As for your ship choice... Well, to be honest, I am in no position to tell you what ship you should, or should not be flying. It really is your decision, and I encourage you to fly the ship you enjoy. Don't let dogma and internet opinion ruin the game, as it ultimately depends on what you want to do.

If you want to be competitive in PVP, then certainly you want to remain on the cutting edge of the status quo, which might mean making sacrifices in what you 'enjoy'. To that end I can advise you on the 'best' matches for your specific career class, but if you're here for casual PVE and Normal-difficulty STFs, then by all means - fly the ship you like the most.

If your question is more generally directed as to what I believe suits me as a tactical officer, then I can give you several answers. For a start, I don't fly just one ship. I've always loved the Sovereign, and for casual PVE and friendly PVP, that is the ship I will fly. Many will tell you the Excelsior is the better ship for Tactical officers due to its Lieutenant Commander tactical station, but for my part... I simply enjoy the Sovereign more, and find more utility in the second Ensign tactical power.

If I'm playing competitive PVP or feel the need to 'express myself' to the Klingons in Kerrat, I'll fly a Fleet Escort as she benefits from a second engineering station.

If I'm playing Elite STFs, then I'll swap to a Defiant, because the concept of 'survival' tends to be secondary to outright damage, and the 'glass' in her cannon isn't as bad when practically every ship is being one-shotted by Tactical Cubes anyway.

Used to be that I flew a MVAM Prometheus as well, and I still have the ship. Ultimately, the only reason I don't use it more is that I came to the realisation that I only flew escorts when I was doing things that required serious amounts of firepower, and the Prommie comes out as a better option for Science officers than Tacs.

I hope that helps.