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02-21-2012, 04:42 PM
I bet Cryptic has the number of cheap ships it wants and, if they add it, probably want it to be 1600+ C-Points. I think it's also hard to place by tier.

My inclination would be to make it a level scaling ship that stops at Tier 4.5.

That way it doesn't FULLY compete at endgame, it isn't awkwardly shoehorned as the second cruiser in a tier, and it has Tier 5.5 value without being Tier 5.

From the perspective of systemizing this for the factions, have every faction get one level scaling ship for, say, 2k Cryptic Points. It opens up BO and console stations with player level. In exchange for that, it's an expensive ship.

It's also done up as the iconic ship class of a faction with hybrid-y elements. So that's naturally a BoP for Klingons and a small cruiser with a high turnrate and sci-style bonuses for Feds, So it's a less durable cruiser. High turnrate. Sci-style passive buffs. But clearly cruiser style console loadout.