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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
What "war" are you referring to? The Federation wasn't fighting any wars during the time of the Enterprise C - I don't consider the Klingon/Romulan cold wars as wars.
I think that your right on the Klingon one (mostly) but not on the Romulan one. The Federation and Romulans had the huge war that was supposed to have been shown in Enterprise"s season 5. Ever since they agreed to "peace" every Romulan encounter has involved them attacking throughout TOS. It also seems that between TOS and DS9, the Federation were the only ones who considered the peace treaty to be legitimate (the Romulans certainly didnt through their constant attacks on Federation or Klingon space).

The way I see it, the Ambassador class while not in a time of "war" , was built in a time it had to be prepared for one or at the very least, heavy combat. The Enterprise-C was destroyed because of a Romulan excursion into Klingon space. While maybe it was'nt a war, it was definitly a shoot on sight policy by the Romulans, and a shoot if shot on policy for the Federation.