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02-21-2012, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by DramaLlama2010
cryptic is slow to respond in that area! I have a fatal decompression error that has yet to be properly reviewed by Cryptic a lot of players have tried to help but right now I am to the point where I need cryptic to help so I do not blame this guy for posting this in other areas. This area is called "General Community Feedback" he is trying to get help like most of us are! Sorry if I seem upset but I am not really able to play the game and nor is my fellow companions that have the same issue!

Your guy (Cryptic Tech Team) asked for a Dxdiag back on 01/31 and that was the last response. We are asking for assistance! Please help us CRYPTIC and as far as the OP you might want to visit the "PC & Technical Issues" our non cryptic tech support guys might be able to fix your issue a bit faster!
I'm a programmer and this is a technical issue. I do not generally browse this forum because it's full of gameplay feedback that I have no control over. If you want a programmer's attention, you need to direct it to the right forum.

As for your decompression issue, there's already an open issue internally for it. We know about it, but the patching system guys aren't big on forums. Try not to equate the lack of response with lack of work being done. Programmers are not community representatives or technical support people.