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02-21-2012, 05:53 PM
Well ,

One of the motives I created this thread was because I wanted to refine my build and ship to STFs,maybe Elite,(mainly for the MACO and Omega sets),I really thought that I could still use the oddy,but It appears I will have to leave her to FEs and maybe fleet actions,so any advice of having her on peak efficiency(I will put an Armor console and already installed the Borg console) and if you could point the way to a good Escort(don't worry I also like Sisko's adventures in the Defiant )build I would be grateful.Was considering the MVAM when I saw that Tac Lt.Cmdr and Cloak on the Defiant,but I think the same as you, everyone should fly the ship they enjoy, it's a game and you are supposed to have fun after all.