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Originally Posted by kellar21
Well ,

One of the motives I created this thread was because I wanted to refine my build and ship to STFs,maybe Elite,(mainly for the MACO and Omega sets),I really thought that I could still use the oddy,but It appears I will have to leave her to FEs and maybe fleet actions,so any advice of having her on peak efficiency(I will put an Armor console and already installed the Borg console) and if you could point the way to a good Escort(don't worry I also like Sisko's adventures in the Defiant )build I would be grateful.Was considering the MVAM when I saw that Tac Lt.Cmdr and Cloak on the Defiant,but I think the same as you, everyone should fly the ship they enjoy, it's a game and you are supposed to have fun after all.

If you absolutely wish to use the Odyssey, go ahead. But I would seriously recommend you look at the +1 version next month if you wish to get the most out of it. The reasons for this are two-fold:

1) It's quite easy to build a Sovereign build that is effective in anything up to and including "normal" STFs. I will frequently fly mine in STFs with no problems completing the optional, on all three missions. The +1 Odyssey should have bridge officer stations that will allow you to copy your Sovereign build over to the new ship, with a nearly identical layout. The key differences between the vessels will be their consoles and maneuverability. This will allow you to retain your effectiveness in the Sovereign now, while planning for the Odyssey in a couple of weeks time.

2) The Saucer Separation ability of the new Odyssey will seriously benefit tactical captains that wish to fly it. The trade off for this will probably cost you a considerable percentage of your hull strength, but will allow you to turn as quickly as vessels smaller than your own weight class. This is ideally the best way to switch between the DPS/Tank roles you outlined in your opening post, as it becomes a function of ability rather than assignment.

I run my Sovereign as follows:

6x MkXI Phaser Beam Arrays [Dmg]x2, [Acc] (3/3)
2x MkXI Quantum Torpedo Launcher [Dmg]x2, [Acc] (1/1)

Engines: MACO Mk.XI
Deflector: MACO Mk.XI
Shields: MACO Mk.XII

Commander Engineer:
EPTS1, Engineering Team 2, Power to SIF 2, RSP3

Lieutenant Commander Engineer: (Equiv. Odyssey Universal)
EPTW1, Engineering Team 2, EPTS3,

Lieutenant Science
Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Lieutenant Tactical
Tactical Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2

Ensign Tactical (Equiv. Odyssey Universal)
Beam Fire at Will 1

ENG: Plasma Dist. Manifold, Borg Console, EPS Console, Field Emitter

SCI: Field Generator, Shield Emitter Array

TAC: 2x Phaser Relays, Zero Point Quantum Chamber


I've posted the above build to demonstrate a few things on how I run my cruiser. The first to note is that with suitably high Auxilliary power, my lower-level heals (Transfer Shields, Aux to SIF and ET2) all work just as capably as the higher level versions when combined with other factors of the build. (I mentioned earlier that Shield strength at the current point in the game is more important than hull due to the spike damage expected in most situations.)

You can keep your Aux power levels up by using Auxilliary batteries. I keep at least 4 stacks of 20 on me at all times, as they are by far the ones I use the most... They're further improved by putting some points in the Starship Batteries skill, as well.

I run MACO shields. No secret that these are counted as some of the best in the game, as they combine very high overall capacity with excellent resistance and only 5% bleedthrough as they are resilient. The last point is how I'm getting away with the lower level bridge officer abilities, as if my hull is being damaged... Well, at a certain point you need to know when it's time to retreat. :p

Consequently I run as many shield-boosting consoles as I can reasonably get away with to keep the shields up, and use overlapping EPTS1 and 3 to keep the power levels high which in turn helps with resistance. Why the disparity? Because I consider the healing function of EPTS secondary to the power bonus.

If I were to jump in to an Odyssey, I expect my build wouldn't really change much. I would be sacrificing damage output through the loss of a tactical console, obviously (In all probability, I'd drop the zero point module as Torpedoes are a secondary weapon) but I would gain considerable bonuses in shield power.

This is why I recommend the Sovereign, as it offers you a starting point with which to explore your options before you jump in to the Odyssey. Once you get a feel for which abilities work for you, and which don't - you can begin to chop and change out to your individual taste.

...So far as escorts go, well... The Defiant truly is a glass cannon. She'll explode often in STFs, but you get a lot of mileage in the DPS department through the sheer, brute force of having 3 tactical stations with which to festoon (a word not used enough) with multiple versions of cannon rapid fire, tactical team and various attack patterns.

The Fleet escort loses a small amount of that potential (the ensign station) in exchange for greater engineering abilities, and allows you to stay in the fight longer. Again, I mentioned earlier that I use overlapping versions of Emergency Power to Shields for the power bonuses, and this escort allows me to use that through two versions of EPTS1, plus a hull heal in Aux to SIF1.

The MVAM Prometheus gives you a Lieutenant Commander Science station. Thats really all I need to say there - she's great for tanking, has all the benefits of high-end tactical powers, and can split in to one of three attack modes that essentially function as secondary Attack Pattern skills.

There is no 'incorrect' choice. Indeed, nothing is stopping you from flying all three, should you so desire.