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02-21-2012, 06:11 PM
Ok,I will go back to my Soveriegn until the +1 Oddy then,really liked your build,very similar to what I used on mine execept for the quantum chamber ,will look into it to.Only other difference is that I use antiprotons instead of phasers.And Aegis set.
Really liked this build

Commander Engineer:
EPTS1, Engineering Team 2, Power to SIF 2, RSP3

Lieutenant Commander Engineer: (Equiv. Odyssey Universal)
EPTW1, Engineering Team 2, EPTS3,

Lieutenant Science
Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Lieutenant Tactical
Tactical Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2

Ensign Tactical (Equiv. Odyssey Universal)
Beam Fire at Will 1
Where do I find that damn EPtS3 it always elude me
What about High Yield Torpedo??
Another question does the quantum chamber really helps, I know the Sovereign is much more manouverable than the oddy but isn't more beneficial to have a third beam Relay(in my case Anti-Proton Mag Regualator).
Anyway thanks for the quick reply,by what you are saying when it comes to the borg it's better to kill then faster ,heh makes sense they are the borg after all.

Thanks again.