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02-21-2012, 07:08 PM
EPTS3 is a skill trainable by Engineers. Ask around Spacedock, or your fleet if you're in one, and someone should be able to train your officer for you. High Yield and Torpedo Spread 2 are trainable by the BOFF trainer on Earth Spacedock, but 3 is unavailable to the Sovereign as it's a Lieutenant Commander ability.

I'm using a Zero Point module because I rely on Quantum torpedoes fairly heavily. Torpedo Spread can quite easily obliterate clusters of Borg probes and other unshielded enemies if you use it correctly (Try stripping their shields with Power to Weapons followed immediately by Beam Fire at Will, or combining it with a Science captain's Gravity Well. )

As far as the Borg are concerned... Yes. I do firmly believe that the only way to deal with them is the Blitzkrieg approach, which is why I use escorts when doing Elite STFs. As a rule, cruisers simply don't have the sustained firepower necessary to wipe out critical targets like Tactical Cubes and Transformers with any expediency, and as STF optional objectives are time-sensitive, it can rapidly snowball out of control if you have a fleet full of cruisers with no real firepower to back them up.
Well ,always loved torpedos,will experiment on that to.Will Explore the Escort approach on STFs,Probably on an MVAM.

In the future I intend to swap the maco engines for the assimilated engines and the assimilated shields for the maco shields when I get the tech drop, but the three piece borg set bonus goes a long way towards fixing the vulnerability problems inherent in only having four engy powers and spending two of them quite greedily on EPTW. The lack of Hazard Emitters has been far less of a problem than I could have imagined in the normal STFs given how necessary it was when I was flying my escort. APB/FAW is a pretty amazing combination, especially if you throw in your tactical career powers in a glorious burst. APB + FAW2 + APA + Tactical Fleet + Go Down Fighting + EPtW2 doles out some respectable damage in short order. The sheer depth of the Odyssey's hull and shields, especially when you've got loads of resists for both from neutronium, aux to sif, subspace field modulator, and on the shields side EPTS3 and TSS2, gives Go Down Fighting a whole new dimension of awesomeness. Having your fleetmates synchronize their activations of FOMM and sensor scan and APB to hitting your Go Down Fighting lets you jump from 700 damage a beam shot to 7000, before crits.

I would be extremely hesitant to take this build anywhere near an Elite STF at this time; I've heard that a properly built tanking cruiser can withstand firepower of that magnitude but believe me my odyssey is nothing like a properly built tanking cruiser and will likely go splat in short order in an Elite STF. That said, it's an absolute blast to fly this ship in normal STFs; torp spread 3 and the fire at will 2 combo of doom + the thunderchild point defense gun gives you concentrated damage vs a single target and lots of area damage vs a swarm of probes or nanite generators or whatnot.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: For emergency power to <x> 3, you have to trade the BOff to an engineering captain for training. I tried out high yield tricos, I wouldn't recommend it really. I prefer spread; it does nearly as much damage to way more targets and frequently you need to hit lots of targets in STFs. I may be imagining things, but I believe Torpedo Spread also has a wider arc than high yield or standard torp attacks, so it helps some in hitting hard to reach targets.
Yeah thats why I am inclined to get an escort for Elite STFs,good skill combo btw.
What is FOMM?whoa 7k damage thought this was only possible with DHC's Escorts.
The neutronium plating it adds to general resist like for shields too or only to the hull?I think its genreal but as it is a plating.
I looked for info onthe +1 Oddysseys but could only find about Saucer Separation,will it cost the 2k C-Points?Bonus Weapon Power setting?

Thanks for your patience on aswering my questions.