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02-21-2012, 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by MundaneRaptor View Post
I wonder if maybe STO should now follow a model of creation that is based almost like an open source project. Kind of like what occurred by accident with the Elite Force community.
If I recall correctly there is an EULA in the foundry that mentions something about all creations in the system being considered property of Cryptic, basically as a body of works.

Perhaps Cryptic should use that to our mutual advantage and focus on creating some interior tools, now that it's gone free to play, in order for the STO modding community that is made up of content creators active since the days of Armada, EF, and Bridge Commander to work on creating things for their foundry projects.

Then, the epic looking sets that are created for those projects can be taken by the artists at Cryptic and retooled/modified for use/renovation/creation of the game in general.
Saving Cryptic development time, allowing the environment artists more time for the art asset creation (weapons, ships, characters, etc...), game episodes, and exterior sets while then giving them a veritable buffet of set pieces to take, paste, and arrange for renovating old areas and creating new.

Basically turning STO in to sort of an Open Source MMO...
This could be a win-win, resolve a bunch of issues, and allow the content creators both in studio and out in the community even more freedom to build upon the game.

What do you guys say to that idea?
This is what I was referring to with that second post you quoted and responded to guys, just so you have the whole thing before you address what I was talking about.
Cryptic would build the base tool and we would use it to create for our projects within what the system allows, they then can take those creations/modifications/populations and use them for improving the rest of the game.
As for the legal, you agreed to a TOS stating that all foundry content is their property; they might as well put it to use for themselves and us if they're going to retain the rights to do so anyway. *shrugs*