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Originally Posted by chrisdanger View Post
C) Lets finally make a starship what it should be, a placed where people live and work. Its been done w/ some success, but there can be more done. Example: During/After a massive fire-fight w/ the jem'hadar, borg, or gorn I want to see the aftermath on my ship. That would be anything from engineering fixing a damaged conduit, putting out a fire or clearing up fallen debris, not to mention Medical performing triage or even security assembling a team to repel the invading horde. The same goes for peacetime ops as well.
this. {long term} incorporate into the difficulty settings this option. you take battle damage, you repair the ship, but it throws in the possibility of the conclusion of the mission launches problems that need to be fixed, I.E Warp core malfunction, loss of helm control, life support offline even to silly stuff like the replicators generating green slime or the facilities backing up. you have to do these minimissions to fix it before you can continue.

{Mid term} make a separate channel for gold members only, a la fleet chat so we don't get quite as much of the childishness that floods regular chat

{mid term} make the captains table worthwhile, special items vendor, for example

{short term} more control on color palettes for both ships and uniforms. I would be willing to bet many fleets would come up with thier own color schemes.

{short term} playable liberated borg in C-store. you already released the TOS ship, so may as well allow us who chose other options on beta get that too

{mid term} more craftable items that are comperable to STF drops, make a reqquired component an extremely rare drop, or a LOT of the trace components. ( like 10 of each)