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Captains Log: Stardate 88141.5

It's been almost two weeks since we lost Deep Space 9 to the Jem'Hadar. I was there when it happened. Frankly they caught us with our pants down. The U.S.S. Geist had taken moderate damage while protecting the ships during evacuation. Luckily repairs only took a few days but I was issued orders straight from Vice Admiral Janeway herself. For the record I've never liked her. I honestly don't think she fully deserved to be promoted as high as she had been when she returned, and frankly she'd not been a fan of mine either considering my tactical history. Needless to say it rubbed me the wrong way when she hailed me before we relaunched. Babysitting. God forbid we have a crisis of possible war, and all she can think about is sending her prized science team to do a survey mission. She knows I hate it and she knows the Geist isn't a Science vessel, but during the briefing she made too good a point as to why they chose us.

There was a star going super nova and they wanted it studied but the system was closer to DS9 than StarFleet had been comfortable with. They worry that the Dominion fleet might be uncomfortable with a Federation ship that close or they might try to make a show of force, so they want a ship that can at least defend itself. It took about a week for the survey. Boring work and not a single hint of Jem'Hadar or Dominion, or even any word on what was happening on Bajor. The entire event seemed to be coming as per usual but there was a higher than normal reading of gravitons. A few of the members on the science team theorized that this was a possible explanation of why DS9 couldn't contact the Dominion on the other side of the wormhole. It was only a standing theory until we could get to Bajor and study the readings with proper equipment. It was as we were leaving the system that sensors detected a micro-wormhole. The wormhole itself seemed to be the cause of the high graviton readings, not the star. As we investigated further there was a graviton spike. The micro-wormhole expanded exponentially and the Geist was swallowed whole, like some giant monster from those stories my grandfather would tell me.

Pitch black. There was nothing there. Simply nothing. No matter of any sort. It had happened so fast I hadn't even given the command for red alert. A mistake I would regret. They came from no where. 3 Jem'Hadar ships. I'll give it to the Dominion, when they hit they hit HARD. Some kind of Phased Polaron beams and power was fluctuating all over the ship. Shields weren't responding as they started beaming in boarding parties. We held are own though. They were using old tactics, that meant that they must have been from the fleet that took Deep Space 9. This gave us a few advantages. One of which was a Genetically engineered person on my ship for the last year Wraith who handled most of the boarding parties. The other was the U.S.S. Geist is an escort. Specifically a heavily modified Prometheus class built with Borg incursions as well as various "Non-sanctioned" missions and her crew. Highly trained and heavily armed. We'd hit them back with Anti-Proton cannons. They hit us hard, but we hit them harder. They came swooping in for one more pass beaming out some supplies, mostly medical and biochemical, as well as the remaining soldiers on the ship. It wasn't until later that we'd figure out the some of the supplies taken could be used in making a make shift Ketracel-white.

We'd keep track of them for the next few days. They wouldn't risk attacking again as long as we held the advantage. This would give us time to figure out a plan. Once we had peace and quiet it wasn't long before some of my crew reported that the science crew was acting funny. They knew something and were panicking. Then it hit me. Janeway.... She had spoken on this once or twice at the academy while I there for some briefings when we first met. She didn't like me from the start being that i would be captaining a new "battleship" as she kept referring to it. Ha! If only she knew some of the scientific discoveries I've had to destroy to keep the Federation running safely. So when I started hitting the records I found of a series of logs she had made her self. The Void she called it. Even back then you could hear the Vice Admiral speaking. Science this, unprecedented that, although it was refreshing to see her without the air of superiority about her. I watched as much as I could stomach before turning it over to Mr. Sabin, my Vulcan Science Officer. As I readied a few tactical plans in case our friends decided to return, Sabin had contacted me that he'd reached the end of the logs as well as a solution.

I didn't like it but it made sense. First and foremost It would take modifications to the Deflector dish. Luckily this ship has one hell of a Warp Core. Power to the Deflector field wouldn't be an issue and once we're free the Geist has the speed to get us far enough to avoid being sucked in. The problem as it were, was the gravitons. No matter how hard it pushed or how fast it flew, the Geist wouldn't be able to pull free of the graviton field unless we had a polaron modulator. Since we're an escort we don't have the replication abilities for scientific equipment or heavy industrial parts, just what we need and can use for the ship itself as well as the problem of the ship being fit primarily for anti-proton relays and arrays, nothing compatible with polaron systems. This means that we needed the Jem'Hadar ships. I just hope that we wouldn't need to take the Jem'Hadar out of them first.

They tried to keep their distance at first, but the Geist over took them easily. I had My helmsman hail them. Nothing. Instead they turned taking an attack position. The Battle was short as they were decades behind in technology and tactics. Disabling their engines as well as shields, we hailed once more. This time they were more than willing to answer. There was only one Vorta, a young one at that. The boy look terrified but held his ground. He demanded that we leave them be or they would be forced to retaliate. The Jem'Hadar would rather die in combat than be Federation prisoners. At this point I had our supplies beamed back aboard along with any unused Ketracel-white. I reminded him of the effects of Ketracel withdrawal. He became a little more willing to listen. The terms: We help them repair their engines as well as return what little white they had left as well as enough of the materials they stole to synthesize enough to get them back to Deep Space 9, and in turn they help us by modifying their deflectors as well as building the Polaron Modulator that would help us all escape. "What would keep us from just betraying you as we try to escape?" the boy asked. Imagine the look on his face as the Geist initiated Multi Vector Assault Mode. Personally I don't trust the Vorta, but in a random bit I know I can trust the Jem'Hadar. They have a system on honor, albeit a bit warped, but if I played it just right, they would let us leave in peace.

Tensions ran high on both sides. Neither crew really seemed to like working side by side but they kept it civil. Minus a few after hour challenges to sparring. After a few days all the preparations were finalized. It took all six vessels, the three Jem'Hadar ships and the 3 separate sections of the Geist, to break free. We waited until the micro-worm hole was accumulating gravitons. As it enlarged we all hit warp 9, deflectors at maximum. As the graviton fields started hitting critical levels the Jem'Hadar ships engaged the polaron modulators to give us the final edge we needed, narrowly escaping before the field polarity reversed and things would be pulled back in. Apparently during the flight the Vorta tried to fire upon our ship when he was stopped by the eldest. He stood by his honor and once free we parted ways. The U.S.S. Geist rejoined and continued on to Bajor as the attack ships flew home. For once it's nice to end a mission with out the moral ambiguity. On a side note, I'll have to send a fruit basket or something to Vice Admiral Janeway's office, and just to get her goat, I won't ever explain why....

Computer: End Log