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02-21-2012, 10:08 PM
FOMM is just an abbreviation for the tactical captain skill Fire on My Mark. It's a big debuff to enemy resists - and it stacks with itself, Attack Pattern Beta, the disruptor proc (I believe) and science captains' Sensor Scan ability.

7000ish damage a pulse is my record, and I would be astonished if it was noteworthy compared to what is possible. Stacking up multiple copies of AP:B, FOMM, and then activating tactical fleet, attack pattern alpha, emergency to weapons, and go down fighting at low health allows for utterly magnificent damage. Frankly, DHCs can get tens of thousands of damage on a crit with similar -debuff stacking so it's not like this technique is special and allows people to rival DHCs with beam arrays.

Neutronium only gives you general resists for your hull, but you have LOTS of hull in an odyssey - at any rate, I enjoy it greatly. I hear that it's more important to have EPS consoles to quickly shift modes on elite though. The only way to boost shield resists is transfer shield strength, emergency power to shields, someone else casting extend shields, the engineering captain power "rotate shield frequencies", and straight-up boosting your shield power level manually (making EPtS a double whammy).

Nobody has any concrete information on the +1 Odyssey, though it will likely be similar to the Galaxy-R once separated. It's also possible that it will split up into three pieces; the escort, the saucer, and the main hull like the MVAE. Both would be extremely interesting, but without concrete information we can't exactly do build planning

Hope this helps.