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02-22-2012, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by Malakite View Post
Why the dual beam bank? It's less damage than dual heavies and by not focusing on cannons you may be wasting Boff powers if you've got any beam powers.
With system cooldowns you can't stack too many cannon skills in your Boff slots. Beam skills are hardly useless. With just one beam bank, FAW won't do much, but BO on a high powered dual bank does huge alpha. You will want to either use it at the end of a strafing run, or pop EPtW or a weapon batt since it drains so much power. There's also beam target shields, lowering shield power lowers resists, so youndo more damage to the target, and if it disables a facing, then you are doing hull damage.

Besides that, don't the alpha and gamma vectors get free beam abilities? Mightnas well fitma weapon that can use them.