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02-22-2012, 02:36 AM
Originally Posted by Sorphius
This is true. I got a couple of boxes this afternoon from Romulan Heavy Plasma torpedoes that my scatter volley blew up en route.
Me too but I also got them from the metreon gas clouds in the Briarpatch and the fires in the mission to rescue the scientists in the Klingon strory arc.

Xylenium you would be correct if it was a true drop item that is part of the mobs normal loot table for example a personal shield, the boxes however are not part of the true loot table they are a seperate item entirely which is why we can have them drop from thing that dropped noting at all before this FE started.

As I said I got two in 4 hours of play and that is just doing the storry missions I lost count of the green ones I had drop in the same time span. On my newly created character I got one betwenn level 8 and 9 doing the peace conference quest, again how many green ones dropped I lost count of.

Even the lock box reward from the FE episode one is not going to promise you a gold box, someone chose it thinking it might be a level appropriate item like the foundry aily one, but it contained a lock box and it was an "uncommon" one at that.