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02-22-2012, 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
Interesting build... But it's got a lot of problems. Fundmantal ones at that.

For a start - Im wondering why seven points have been wasted in threat control (Space and Ground) when it is probably one of the two most useless abilities on the entire skill tree. Threat control is useless in PVP, and tanking in an Elite STF is practically impossible anyway. They'd be better spent elsewhere.

Second thing is that I don't know why he's running three versions of Emergency Power to Shields. The global cooldown on that ability makes it pointless to have any more than two versions of any given power.

With respect to the general question of whether this is suited to a Science officer... My initial reaction is "no", because absolutely no points have been invested in to science skills (Graviton Generator, Particle Generator, SPI, Flow Capacitors...) making the build worthless for any kind of debuff build, and the bridge officer arrangement doesn't have anywhere near enough abilities that favour a healing build either.

The logical solution to a Science-build Odyssey is to put a Science officer in the Lieutenant Commander position, but even that leaves you quite short on necessary engineering powers.

This build screams "Engineer's Beam Boat". That is the only way I can explain such a heavy leaning towards beam weaponry, with such an absurd investment in Threat Control, Repairs and Defense.

Best to wait until the +1 version hits the C-Store next month.
its says about threat control:

This skill also grants you a small passive Damage Resistance bonus, to help compensate for the additional Threat

is the damage resistance so small it is not worth bothering with?

I read so many messages on the forums about this or that game mechanic not working or this or that skill being useless, I am reasonably new to the game (3 weeks) but now I am Vice Admiral rank I want to retrain my skills and use my odyssey until I have enough for another top tier ship. I do not want to spend money on a retrain token and end up making a bad build because i do not understand what skills or game mechanics are bugged or faulty. if anyone can please make me a DPS science officer in an odyssey build it would be greatly appreciated


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