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02-22-2012, 05:08 AM
Its so true, STO is the first game I've ever played and the lack of courtesy, manners, civilized behaviour among the addicted gamers is unbeleivable, like taking crack from a crackhead. We should all admit that games, like a lot of things, are addictive, and the real effect is a simple chemical cascade in the brain, specifically, seratonin in the pre-frontal areas. Seeing this has taught me to put things in sharper perspective, I would rather spend time with my family or just go outside, anything but being a slave to the game. And we all have to remember, most of these elitist are immature kids playing and it is their life. My two sons are gamers and I have had to constantly tell them that moderation is the key, even too much oxygen or water will kill. We will see in years to come as the young gamers grow old and adult responsibilities catch up with them. They have very few social skills in real life.