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02-22-2012, 06:28 AM
I might have a somewhat different perspective on this article, especially if you read the replies to after the article. I think the authorís premise is flawed; this isnít only a gaming issue. This happens any time a customer feels alienated by the product or service they are purchasing. Look at Netflix. Or BoA. Or the airlines charging baggage fees. You could insert hundreds of other examples of this same thing occurring in other industries over the past year alone.

No, this behaviour is true for any consumer market, not just games. The writer may just be ignorant of this because she is a gaming magazine journalist. Anyone who has worked in a customer support role knows what Iím talking about. Iím pretty sure the author had a predetermined conclusion which is why her conclusion, gamer entitlement, is completely misleading and quite frankly wrong.

The truth is this article doesnít speak to anything we see here on the STO forums. The fighting that is going on here is of a completely different type. Prior to the late 2011 F2P ruckus I never saw any massive hate for this game. To say that this sudden surge in anger puts the STO fans in a special group labelled as ďdangerous due to entitlementĒ is a grave mistake, both for Cryptic and the gaming community.

Sorry, but this article is just unproductive. The event is unfortunate for Mrs. Helper, I definitely agree with that. But this is a classic example of a journalist not doing her homework and predetermining the conclusion before it was written. There are no experts in this article, no out-side the industry analysts, no data, just an article about Bioware, twitter feeds, and some fan-made comments. Donít blindly follow the authorís conclusion before doing your own research.