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02-22-2012, 06:32 AM
I'd probably go for something like this...

By putting a tac lt-com in the universal, you gain a fair amount of offense and shield management, at the expense of survivability. However, if you are truly looking for an offensive build, it's hard to live without FAW, torp spread and particularly APBeta. You could put an engineer in this slot though, and cycle EptW and EptS. That would be this build...

WIth this, you get no tac teams or AP Beta, but you do get to rotate EptW and EptS, plus you gain an invaluable 'oh crap' button in the form of Reverse Shield Polarity. You also keep torps spread and beam FAW, which with will benefit from the additional weapon power. You could use a tac team instead of torp spread to further gain survivability at the expense of torp spread. Not such a bad compromise.

With either build, you want to boost your Aux power before using Hazard Emitters or Aux to structural 3. In other words, before you do a hull heal, pop an aux battery.