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02-22-2012, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
So, I need everyone's help. The larger sample size I have, the more accurate the data.

Definitions for this exercise
Winner: This character is one of the most respected in Star Trek.
Neither: This character has equal number of great moments as well as stupid moments.
Loser: Replacing this character with a potted plant wouldn't really hurt the series all that much.

Rate Each Character
Kirk Winner
Spock Winner
McCoy Winner
Scotty Winner
Sulu Neither
Chekov Neither
Uhura Loser

Picard Winner
Riker Neither
Data Winner
Geordi Neither
Worf Winner
Tasha Loser
Troi Loser
Beverly Neither
Wesley Loser
Pulaski Loser

Sisko Winner
Kira Winner
O'Brien Winner
Bashir Neither
Odo Winner
Quark Winner
Rom Winner
Nog Neither
Garak Winner
Dukat Winner

Janeway Neither
Chakotay Neither
Tuvok Winner
Paris Winner
Kim Neither
Torres Neither
Doctor Winner
Seven of Nine Winner
Kes Loser
Neelix Loser

Archer Neither
Tucker Winner
T'Pol Loser
Hoshi Loser
Travis Loser
Reed Neither
Phlox Winner

I wont rate the 2009 film as one appearnce is not enough. my judgment is clouded by the characters from the original.