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02-22-2012, 07:58 AM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
So, I need everyone's help. The larger sample size I have, the more accurate the data.
Picard's a definite winner. And both of his parents survived into old age, apparently dying in the 2460s. His father didn't like his career choice, but he did seem to have happy memories with both parents and the few mentions his mother gets are all good.

I don't know if Picard's inclusion on the list in the original post -- while technically correct -- really supports what the theme of this thread is trying to say. Yeah, he lost both parents. But did so after a rather robust and full life with both of them and no broken childhood or anything like that. Compared to say, Tasha's parents, or Worf's parents? Or even Geordi's issues with losing his mom?

I also think Data, Odo and The Doctor can't really qualify for this list at least the way the OP presents them. Like take the Doctor. Technically Zimmerman is his "father" or "creator" but in the context of the discussion I'm not sure it applies properly. He wasn't raised by a father.