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02-22-2012, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by Kobayashi Maru
Sorry, but this article is just unproductive.
^^^ THIS.

There are already rules in place to deal with the extreme violations of posting regarding the name-calling that Bioware employees have to endure on Reddit and Twitter. But this article tries to take that and lump it in with valid criticism, valid negative feedback, and essentially suggest that the company has every right to ignore and antagonize their customers.

They absolutely do. But that is unproductive for the company and the customers.

Bad customer service will bite you in the butt in the end. Customers have entitlement for a reason. They paid for goods and services. If they feel they received bad service, they react.

If that reaction involves curse words and threats, there's already rules in place to deal with and filter that out. But that doesn't change the rest of the feedback.

In short, yes people feel entitled to the products they purchase.