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02-22-2012, 10:43 AM
Call this a wierd idea - but my honest suggestion?

Make it an 'Escort' or even a 'Science' ship and give it a T3 and T5 version. That would differentiate it; and allow then to add it into the game to the other classes that doesn't have alot of different looking shp options (compaired to the glut of Engineering Criuiser ships in the C-Store.) Withe the exception of the original 1701 Constitution design EVERY class ship that was a canonical 'Enterprise' has a T3 and a T5 version.

(and BTW my main and character and the class I've found that fits my particular playstyle best is an Engineer. That said, I like and would probably still pickup and try the AmbassadorClass on my main; but the point of my suggestion is they are going to have to think a bit more 'out of the box' to get some of the other canon designs )