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02-22-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post
It is not just gamers. It is a social issue as a whole.

Consider how folks would of responded say 10 years ago, and then go back 10 years into that. Society itself is doing the "teaching" of what is acceptable. Its that very fabric that molds folks into the behaviors they exhibit.

I can show you many instances of this in other products.
Here's one to try on for size. Think about how folks dissatisfied with their customer service would have responded to a female sales rep in 1952 or 1962 or 1972. I mean, if we're using a wayback machine, let's use it.

Some of the offensive language would have been different, but the sexism and offensiveness would have been ramped up a bit due to the way society was back then.

Food for thought.