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02-22-2012, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy View Post
Eh, I don't think this is about entitlement nor about Internet anonymity. I just see this as fallout of living in the Information Age. We are constantly bombarded by the media... mass, social, broadcast, digital, print... it's impossible to escape it. As a result people have fallen into a mindset where they believe that only the loudest, most inflammatory rhetoric will be noticed in that sea of information which, thanks to overload, has simply become white noise. Sadly, I'm not sure there isn't merit to that notion. Take a look at the political scene; The rabble-rousers get heard while calmer heads get ignored or victimized until they respond in kind.

As bad as that is, what makes things worse is the fallout for those who propose reasonable arguments with merit. Human beings already have a staggering propensity toward confirmation bias, dismissing data which runs contrary to their beliefs instead of examining it and weighing it accordingly. When the voices being heard are usually the ones that scream the most inflammatory rhetoric the loudest it just makes it so much easier to tune out everyone who disagrees with you. Any opposition becomes quickly viewed as invalid and simply filed away as more of "those people."
Wow. I think you just described how Gozer's commentary about the content drought went, and how Geko's twitter comments went. That's quite a powerful point you make since it sheds some light on the whole two-way street that communication can be.