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02-22-2012, 11:18 AM

I don't post much, due to peoples personal issues getting vented out on-line at anyone. Back when I played SWG it happened a lot. Players get a little too ahead of themselves and start dictating instructions to Devs and Community Reps.

I agree though, it's not just on-line that this happens. Without getting into the ugly details of it all, this happens at my work alot. See I work for a customer serivce based company so the idea of "The Customer is Always Right" is a statement I get told alot. Truth is the customers are not always right, they may have good ideas, but it's outside of what can be done. Explaining this to them is a no-no, since a few customer complaints can cost you your job.

I have "learned" the art of gental debate inorder to allow a customer to tell me that "It's Easy", while not hurting their feelings when I explain the truth to them. It's hard and if you take it too personally it can hurt. Sometimes though you'll get a person that for whatever reason just wants to be a pain. It's a little different in-person then on-line, but not by much (at least from what I've seen and delt with)

I often read the forums (not just this one) and think, "wow I can't believe this person is acting like they own the company or something". This article really shows the bad side of this behavior, but it's just "Cyber Bullying" by a powerless group towards a captive person (the community reps) I never understood this in real-life, nor on-line.

Yeah I know alot to read (you should have read some of me posts on SGW, TOR, or even STO back when Pep was doing it).