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02-22-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by fisofthenorth
its says about threat control:

This skill also grants you a small passive Damage Resistance bonus, to help compensate for the additional Threat

is the damage resistance so small it is not worth bothering with?
Two things about Threat Control...

1) In PVP, it's a worthless skill. Even moderate resistances will not save you from an Escort captain that knows what he's doing. Spike damage in this game at present is simply too high for it to be anything more than a points-sink best spent somewhere else. In the case of the first skill tree you posted, I'd throw every single point that is currently in Threat Control in to Batteries. Because Auxilliary and Shield power gives you FAR more benefit in healing and innate resistance than Threat Control ever will.

2) In PVE... On anything short of an Elite STF, you will steamroll a mission without needing any kind of optimized build. PVE is a joke until you hit Elite STFs, at which point Threat Control becomes your worst enemy, because you have all of the enemy's attention on you, and resistance will not save your ship from the 120k-dealing Heavy Plasma Torpedo that destroys your ship in one shot.

So, is threat control worth using? I'd say not.