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02-22-2012, 01:03 PM

Captain Elysis Corbantez stood staring out window of her ready room portal looking at nothing. Not the normal nothing that defined the void of space, which normally was filled with pin size points of light, or the comforting lines of light created as stars slipping by her ship while in warp. This was a different, nothing.
She caught a glimpse of her expression in her reflection on the glass. It was an expression she'd learned to hide as a Captain in Star Fleet, but occasionally it surfaced. Someone who didn't know her wouldn't have even noticed, but to those who did it was her tell - she was worried.

"Stop it Elysis.", She muttered to herself turned quickly toward her desk and took her seat.

She tapped a button on her PADD and the computer chirped it was recording..

"Captain's Log: Stardate 86143.94."

"At approximately 0937 this morning LT. Mays detected what appeared to be a micro-wormwhole 4.3 parsecs from the ship. I immediately informed Deep Space Nine that our arrival was going to be delayed while we investigated this wormwhole. Upon our arrival on station to investigate the disturbance, several graviton fluxuations where detected which prompted a yellow alert condition. I ordered that the FireHawk remain at least 15Km from the disturbance."

"As we began to scan the anomaly it expanded dramatically outward towards the ship. The detected gravity fluxuations spiked and the ship lost station and was pulled towards the wormwhole. I immediately ordered reverse thrusters but the newly generated gravity well was too much for the ship to overcome."

"I sounded red-alert, and ordered the ship about at full impulse. The moment we engaged our impulse drive the wormwhole seemed to expand and open, like a large fish swallowing a smaller one. Inertial dampers were unable to compensate for the sudden acceleration, resulting in several injuries throughout the ship. Medical teams have had their hands full responding, a full report in pending."

"As quickly as the disturbance appeared it also vanished. The ship, for the most part, was unharmed by the event, but the crew has been shaken. We are holding station at what I believe is our last location, but telemetry is failing to return the true nature of our course, speed, or location. I have ordered a full report from all department heads."

"We do not know where "here" is. The region of space we now find ourselves is completely devoid of all identifiable stars, planets, or even particles. Science is currently scanning the surrounding area, but it's as if we have been removed from reality or known space. All communications with Star Fleet Command have been cut off. Beyond the hull plating of this ship there is.. nothing."

"I am holding an emergency staff meeting at 1600 to see if we can come up with some answers."

She pressed the button again pausing the recording. She took a fleeting glance at the window again, as if magically their situation would have changed. Still.. nothing. Elysis stood up, grabbed the front of her jacket straightening it, and strode towards the doors of her ready-room. Even before the hiss of the parting doors ended she was barking orders to those on the bridge, "Science what have you got.. and don't tell me nothing.. "