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02-22-2012, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by Destinii
Yes, the C-store Borg BOFF is bound, and so are the other 'special' BOFFs (KA Borg, Breen, Reman, Holo, Android). So, because of the current way BOFF training 'works', there are a lot of BOFFs you may have that you can't get trained with skills you want, because they can't be traded.

The non-tradeable issue is just *one* item among many that need fixing. The system needs an overhaul to make it much friendlier.
I suggested one "easy" fix for this in a different thread.

What if there were one or more skill vendors that could train special skills, but only for the bound BOFFs?

You wouldn't need to trade them and it wouldn't break how non-bound BOFF's get trained. You could stick Borg/Holo/Android skill vendors at Memory Alpha, a Reman skill vendor at Starbase-39, a Breen skill vendor at DS-9 or Defera, etc.

They'd use basically the same UI that the other skill vendors do, with an expanded list of trainable skills and some bit of code that only accepts the right kind of BOFF.