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02-22-2012, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Sorphius
I've run the episode three times but have only completed it once. The other two attempts I've successfully completed the conference, defeated the Dominion, warped into Bajor, and been told to report to DS9.
Oh ... My ... Me ...

This happens to me every ... EVERY ... time I do this teamed. If any player in the team is higher than my level, I can Never get a completion on this particular mission. The only way I can get a complete run on this mission is I am the only one in the team with the mission, unshared, or solo.

I was also able to complete it by doing it solo to the point where the Dominion attack DS9, then invite a friend to finish off the space combat finale quickly.

I'm also having a problem in the negotiations if there's more than myself in the conference room. The "Waiting for ..." dialog will not let me or the other person (whomever the dialog pops on) interact in the negotiations. And in other instances I get locked in the conference room, with no way out while the other player exits to do the ground combat to escort the Ambassadors to the shuttle bay.

Its rather crazy bugged for me when I'm teamed.