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02-22-2012, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by cheesypizza
Heres how to get around this problem (which also can affect other missions in this game),

When the warp to Bajor button appears, dont click it.. instead click on the starfleet icon at the minimap (or press the j key), then click on the "in progress" tab, you should see that the second wave mission has a green tick next to it, select it and click on the hail starfleet button at the bottom.

This will complete the mission and get you the rewards. Now once thats done then warp to bajor.
I already thought of that CP. Problem I'm having is that, during the entire space combat my mission log does not progress, rather it says only Report to DS9, the message you see when you're starting the mission. While it says that I do not have the green check mark on the current mission in the "In Progress" tab.