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Originally Posted by chrisdanger View Post
While im not a fan of the "cutscene", I could understand it being used for something like this, for a disembark animation or switching to internal shot of shuttle for loading/off-load. Else wise, I'd rather fly my shuttle down for a mission. Im not asking for "MS Flight"-type of controls, but something akin to what you would've see in SW: Battlefront with ship flight. Zone transfer would be the tricky part, but thats why you hire smart people to figure those things out LOL
I'll add that quite a few of the cutscenes in game already DO cover changes in the game environment, which is one reason why there's no skip button.

I've tinkered around with this in Foundry missions, which admitedly have no cutscene tools, and sometimes you want to do big things like change some of the terrain or reposition some things while adding or toying with contacts and it only works if you can force the player somehow not to look at what you're messing with while you change things behind their back.

For example, I suspect that without the cutscene in Mind Enemy, you'd see Hakeev and his Lieutenant beam out. You're tricked into thinking they walk where they're going by seeing the cutscene when the actual avatars are actually beaming out and being replaced by versions who beam in at the destinations where you fight them.