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02-22-2012, 02:36 PM
Certainly the 1 fewer tac slots between the Odyssey and Assault Cruiser make the Ody slightly less desirable as a tac ship.

But, those who say the Ody sucks as a tac ship just don't know how to load out the Odyssey. I do very well in my Ody as a Tac cap in pvp - and if you're good in PvP, then you are good in PvE.

Other than pvp matches, I've had 4 surprise Ody vs Klingon fights which took place yesterday.

Fought off a klink escort attack with no losses either side. He gave up when I got him down to about 20% and I couldn't catch him before he cloaked.

Destroyed two klink escorts in a 1 vs 2 last night. I don't think I got below 80%.

Was totally chewed in about 2 seconds when I accidentally attacked someone's drone. 3 Klink ships the size of the Alpha Quadrant and all 3 looking like mechanized flying Godzillas opened up and I was dead before the first weapon hit. :p

This was last night in Kerrat.

As far as PvE, my Tac captain Ody is a filthy, dirty beast. And I know I can get better, too. So the ship is just fine with a Tac cappie.