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02-22-2012, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by muttkicker
This was last night in Kerrat.
This explains a lot.

Try it against a Pre-made Klingon team in a proper KvF PVP match. I can practically assure you, you will explode so quickly that you may wonder for a moment if you forgot to equip shields.

The problem with putting a Tactical officer in the Lieutenant Commander station is that in doing so, you lose nearly 50% of your engineering abilities, and as a consequence, most of your tanking ability. If the Ensign universal slot was retained after the testing on Tribble, there might be a case that the Odyssey could possibly fill the role of a "Heavy Assault Cruiser", sacrificing speed for greater hull and shields.

In any proper PVP setting however, losing that much in Engineering on a ship that turns like a whale is practically begging to be outflanked, outgunned and out-tanked.

Again, Kerrat is not where you go if you wish to weigh up just how "capable" a ship is in PVP. Do it through the queue system, then revaluate the ship's position.