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02-22-2012, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by Sorotia View Post
I been reading alot and the opinion seems to be a Tac Officer sucks in the Odyssey, now what I was wondering was if even if I put a tac officer in the lt cmdr slot would I still be better off using a science captain?

Mind you this is planned to be with the +1 Odyssey which I plan to purchase when it is released.
If you want to dps with an odyssey try:

Cannon (single) x3
DBB x 1 (or q-torp)

turrets x 4 (in the back)

all anti proton

use a tac BO in the universal slot with CRF2 and B-overload 2. For your engineer get DEM2 or DEM3. Use it when you use CRF (and use AP:alpha at the same time since they have the same CD timer). If you use q-torp instead of DBB, then HY2 instead of overload2 2.

If you're not hard pressed to stay alive (read: pve) you can also pick up EPtW1 and EPtW2 for your eng, which keeps your weapon power at 125.

This will never out perform the assualt cruiser or dread, but it's not bad. Try it... you'll be glad you did (assuming you like the ody, which I think is ugly).

Quick tip: reverse + evasive manuvers is a quick way to turn your self around.

Originally Posted by muttkicker
Certainly the 1 fewer tac slots between the Odyssey and Assault Cruiser make the Ody slightly less desirable as a tac ship.

But, those who say the Ody sucks as a tac ship just don't know how to load out the Odyssey. I do very well in my Ody as a Tac cap in pvp - and if you're good in PvP, then you are good in PvE.

Other than pvp matches, I've had 4 surprise Ody vs Klingon fights which took place yesterday.

Fought off a klink escort attack with no losses either side. He gave up when I got him down to about 20% and I couldn't catch him before he cloaked.

Destroyed two klink escorts in a 1 vs 2 last night. I don't think I got below 80%.

Was totally chewed in about 2 seconds when I accidentally attacked someone's drone. 3 Klink ships the size of the Alpha Quadrant and all 3 looking like mechanized flying Godzillas opened up and I was dead before the first weapon hit. :p

This was last night in Kerrat.

As far as PvE, my Tac captain Ody is a filthy, dirty beast. And I know I can get better, too. So the ship is just fine with a Tac cappie.
If you can kill anything in pvp with a ody then they either suck, or the have no gear. If you have so much survivability, then you would seriously be short on dps. I would bet that anyone that knows what they're doing wouldn't die. Odyssey simply doesn't do enough dmg to hurt anyone, you may survive, but thats about it. And if you can't kill anyone in a real pvp match you're not really helping your team.