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02-22-2012, 04:42 PM
1) sell a reusable key for 5,000 cpoints that is specific to that lockbox. The key would have a 20 hour cooldown. What this does is it gives people a choice, pay 3 times the cost of a normal ship upfront and be assured to get it, or roll the dice with the master keys.
i'm not sure I follow..... how does that ensure that a person gets the ship?

2) reduce the drop rate of the boxes (cut the drop rate in half).
unfortunately that won't happen cause it cuts into their profits

3) make the ship (or whatever super rare item) be bind on pickup. This would serve to counter a group of players from pooling resources to stockpile boxes and have the 1 person with a reusable key open all of them.
good idea

4) dont tell us who got something from the box. It leads to harassment from players who are protesting the grab bags.
correct. it does. as well as theft of accounts and hacking. theres no reason to do it, and sooner or later its going to get them in trouble.

"The 10,348th galor has been claimed! Try your luck" would be acceptable.
that would be better